Extreme Muscle Building System
Extreme Muscle Building System

Extreme Muscle Building System

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Extreme Muscle Building System 

"New & Improved"

Now Included with Dominate (Fruit Punch Only), Repsect Protein (Vanilla), Retaliate, Re-Carb (New), Ammunition 180 Tablets and C-Gone 60 Capsules

Get Ready to Grow!

Pride Nutrition's "New" muscle building system is hands down the most effective lean muscle stimulating combination ever formulated! Within days of adding this system to your daily supplement regiment, you will experience intense pumps and extreme muscle hardness.

This power stack will dramatically improve muscle fullness, definition, strength, endurance and recovery. This combination can also help improve your insulin efficiency, sex drive and is designed to elevate your body's genetic potential to a JimSwanson.jpgwhole new level!



"New & Improved Formula"

Avaliable in 3 Flavors: Fruit PunchLemonade

DOMINATE™ is a high intensity ultra potent pre-workout stimulator!  This quality formula is designed to create never before experienced pumps and strength gains while dramatically increasing energy and endurance levels along with your ability to stay focused!
The secret to DOMINATE™ is the specific combination of Arginine AKG with our high quality Creatine plus Beta Alanine and other powerful recovery and mass building Amino Acids.  This explosive formula provides the rush of energy and power needed to DOMINATE your workouts and anything that gets in your way!

Respect Protein™

Avaliable in 2 Flavors: Milk Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Cream

PRIDE NUTRITION takes great PRIDE in using the highest quality ingredients and producing the finest protein supplement available!  Finally, a protein powder with the perfect taste, texture and quality that will exceed your expectations!  Respect Protein™is loaded with three superior forms of protein, CFM Whey Protein Isolate(fast breakdown), Egg Albumen(medium breakdown) and Micellar Casein(slow breakdown) that synergistically help create a timed release effect to help allow for maximum protein absorption and digestion. 

These superior forms of protein consist of high amounts of key amino acids such as Glutamine, Arginine and BCAA's (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine) to help maximize muscle recovery.  This unique formula also consists of other highly beneficial nutrients such as EFA's(Essential Fatty Acids) and Fiber which helps make this formula very complete. Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's) help enhance mental concentration, joint lubrication and aid in cardiovascular support.  Give your body the fuel and RESPECT it deserves to help take your genetics to a whole new level!


RETALIATE™ is formulated with the higher quality creatine Di-Creatine Malate to allow for maximum absorption†

RETALIATE™ is loaded with highly beneficial amino acids including 5gs of Glutamine and 3g's of BCAAs. Retaliate also contains Arginine AKG, Taurine, Ornithine and Tyrosine which aid in elevating mental concentration and endurance levels and help improve recovery during the most difficult and strenuous training sessions! †


RE-CARB™ is a high glycemic complex carbohydrate intended to quickly replenish glycogen levels and load extra carbohydrates into your muscle cells. This formula will help to dramatically increase muscle fullness, endurance levels, recovery time and calorie intake. RE-CARB™is perfect for hard gainers and should be used by anyone trying to gain mass, body weight and stamina without the complications of simple sugars. †

This very easily digested carbohydrate also helps to improve nutrient and protein absorption while preventing amino acid catabolism and fatigue. †

RE-CARB™ can be taken by itself or added to most pre and post workout drinks to increase mass, endurance and recovery. †


AMMUNITIONTM uses a superior form of Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (A-AKG) and Ornithine AKG which allows for greater muscle hardness and pumps due to substantially elevated levels of Nitric Oxide and oxygen in the bloodstream and surrounding tissues.  AMMUNITIONTM promotes greater strength and endurance gains by dramatically increases blood flow into muscle cells intensifying muscle pumps, hardness, fullness and tone. t


C-GONE™ helps effectively shuttle carbohydrates into your muscle cells by supporting the body’s natural insulin production and absorption. C-GONE™ helps to maximize nutrient uptakeand drastically improve muscle hardness. This product does more than just shuttle carbohydrates to the muscle cells, it also delivers intense pumps in the gym! C-GONE™ also contains antioxidants to help protect the heart, promote healthy skin and can help improve mental concentration and recovery time. †


DOMINATE™- As a dietary supplement mix one scoop with 8 to 10 ounces of water or your favorite non-caffeinated beverage 30 minutes prior to exercise. 

AMMUNITIONTM -Take 2 to 4 tablets twice daily with a full glass of water on an empty stomach or with a carbohydrate meal.  For athletes weighing over 200lbs, take 3 to 5 tablets twice daily. On training days, schedule one serving 30 minutes before your workout with yourDOMINATE™.

 RE-CARB™ (Unflavored)- Mix 1 to 2 scoops with 1 scoop of DOMINATE™ 30 minutes prior to each exercise.  Also add 2 to 4 scoops with 2 sccops of REPSECT Protein™ immediately after each workout to help restore glycogen levels, improve protein & nutrient absorption and prevent amino acid catabolism.

RETALIATE™- Mix 1 scoop of RETALIATE™ with 12 to 16 oz of water or favorite beverage 30 minutes immediately after exercise. For maximum results and recovery, also take 1 serving of RETALIATE™ on non-training days.

C-GONE™ - Take 1 Capsule twice per day with your two largest carbohydrate meals. On training days, schedule one of your servings 30 minutes after your workout with 2 Scoops of Respect Protein and 2 to 4 Scoops of RE-CARB™.

Respect Protein™- Add 1 to 2 scoops to 12 oz. of water, Almond milk, milk, yogurt, and/or your favorite beverage 1 to 3 times daily to enhance your nutritional daily protein requirements. For maximum results, always consume a serving of RESPECT Protein™ within 1 hour after each workout with 2 to 4 Scoops of RE-CARB™ and 1 Capsule of C-Gone . †

Helpful tips: Add more or less liquid as you like for desired taste and texture. Ice cubes may be added to create a thicker, chilled taste. †

Note: Drink eight to ten glasses of quality water daily. †

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Consult your physician before use if you are being treated for high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, diabetes or have a history of low blood sugar. Use this system with caution if you are prone to developing cold sores. Check with your physician before starting any new program. †